Free and Open Source materials for the Healthcare world exist on many planes.There are several subcategories.

Open Medical Classification Schemas Edit

Medical practice software Edit

Medical practice software differs because of the different systems for medical practice in each country. Although there has been some attempt at consolidation of medical data, some of the blocks to that consolidation and to a more universal practice software are the coding systems for disease and treatment. In the United States, the coding system for treatment is proprietary and owend by the AMA (American Medial Association). Such systems for disease as the ICD-9 soon to be ICD-10 are not universally accepted.

Australia and the UK Edit

Canada Edit

France Edit

United States Edit

Clearhealth Edit

FreeMED Edit

OpenEHR Edit

Hospital based sofware Edit

Specialty Software Edit

Radiology Edit

Hematology and Oncology Edit


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