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  • AndroidSDK - Google's own emulation solution for application developers.
  • Bluestack - used to be good, now serves add-ware unless you pay $ 2/month
  • Youwave - costs $ 19/month
  • Genymotion - uses VirtualBox. Just like VirtualBox, it is available on Windows, Mac & Linux, .
  • ManyMo - Android emulator in the cloud, inside a browser. Upto 10 time-limited emulator bootup runs per month, for free. 100 bootup runs per month for $9.
  • WindowsAndroid - emulates Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Windows. Lots of bugs & incompatible applications
  • Jar of Beans - emulates Android Jelly Bean on Windows. Lots of bugs & incompatible applications
  • AndroRock - Android emulator for messaging and Social apps.

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